Renewable Energy Services

Pollock Associates offer a range of services designed to make your renewable energy project run as smoothly as possible. We are able to sit by your side from project inception to the end of its life.

Marketing and Site Promotion

We have a reliable database of renewable energy developers and regularly promote sites to developers, giving us excellent information on the current market and ensuring that we can obtain the best terms for our clients.

Project Management

Many landowners are now considering developing their own scheme and we have a growing number of clients promoting their own wind, solar or hydro schemes under both ROCs, the Feed in Tariff and RHI.  We manage these projects pulling in the required consultants whilst providing impartial value for money advice.


We have decades of experience within the team of negotiating on renewable energy projects and so can provide the best advice to our client in negotiations between landowners and developers.

Property Management

Pollock Associates provide a management service to landowners with renewable energy assets across the UK, including over 200 wind turbines, landfill gas schemes, solar parks and hydro-electric schemes.  We have been able to achieve increased rentals for all of our management clients.

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