The use of biomass in heating systems can use wood and waste to produce heat and electricity with less effect on the environment than fossil fuels. Pollock Associates can advise on the implementation of biomass heating systems.

With the advent of the Renewable Heat Incentive, heating using biomass offers some very attractive returns. Furthermore with the correct legal and tax structure there are interesting oppotunities and it gives an oppotunity to bring woodlands back under management.

Case Study: Estate Biomass District Heating Scheme

A rural estate, considering replacing the heating system in the main house, asked Pollock Associates to look at the alternatives. Rather than just replace the house boiler Pollock Associates has advised the estate to consider setting up an ESCO to supply heat to all their properties and neighbours in the estate village. By selling the heat from a biomass boiler at comparable prices to the alternative fuel source oil, the estate can become the main energy supplier to the village. This creates a useful income stream for the estate, a reliable market for the estate timber and additional willow coppice crops and adds to the appeal of the let properties through their “green credentials”. Furthermore, by structuring the Energy Supply Company correctly the estate can roll over gains from elsewhere, take advantage of 100% first year allowances and offset income through an EIS vehicle making the economics increasingly attractive.

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