Wind Energy

Onshore wind turbines have proved to be one of the most cost effective forms of renewable energy production.  There are numerous developers looking for potential sites and significant pitfalls for the unadvised Landowner.  Pollock Associates have the experience to guide you through the process and ensure the correct end result.

Large Scale Wind


Sites of 5MW (typically 3 turbines 100m tall) or above tend to be classified as large scale wind farm projects. We carry out free site assessments and Landowners with appropriate sites can expect significant returns in the form of rental payments without any financial risk of their own. Pollock Associates have achieved potential rentals of over £500,000 pa for a number of clients with large wind turbine schemes.


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Medium Scale Wind


Generally considered to be between 100kw – 1,500kw these turbines are excellent for Landowners looking to undertake their own self-develop project, at a manageable scale and great returns on investment. Pollock Associates are working with a number of clients who are pursuing single turbine projects and developers looking for potential projects to fund themselves.


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Wind Farm Management


Pollock Associates unique position of being land agents who specialise in renewable energy allow us to bring all the traditional property management skills to renewable energy production. Pollock Associates offers a management service to ensure the landowner is getting the most from their lease. One set of our clients were delighted when we secured an extra £1,000,000 back payment and doubled their rent going forwards.


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