Large Scale Wind

Sites of 5MW or above tend to be classified as large scale wind farm projects. 

We can make an initial assessment of your site, free of charge, and then advise if you have a suitable site for large scale wind development.

3rd Party Developers

Those Landowners with appropriate sites can expect significant returns in the form of rental payments without any financial risk of their own.  Pollock Associates have achieved potential rentals of over £500,000 pa for a number of clients with large wind turbine schemes.

By promoting your site to our extensive list of developers we have the ability to generate the maximum commercial offer for your site and, just as importantly, ensure the other elements needed to protect your interests are also provided.

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The planning process for large scale schemes requires a significant amount of work and necessitates a full Environmental Impact Assessment, which typically has considerable six figure cost attached to it.  These costs can be doubled if the application goes to a Planning Appeal.

Due to the scale of these costs, large scale self-development is not for the feint hearted, but Pollock Associates have assisted a number of landowners through the process including the Burton Wold Windfarm extension

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