Medium Scale Wind


Generally considered to be between 200kw – 1,500kw and remunerated under the Feed in Tariff (FiTs) these turbines are excellent for Landowners looking to undertake their own self-develop project, or where the land holding is not big enough for large scale turbines.

The Government introduced a system to incentivise smaller scale (a single installation of less than 5MW) low carbon electricity generation.  With potential income in excess of £100,000 pa  and generous returns on investment, Pollock Associates are working with a number of clients who are pursuing single turbine projects.

It is critical to undertake a Feasibility Study in order to fully understand the client’s needs and requirements from potential wind schemes – our Medium Scale Wind Energy Fact Sheet is available here – and provides more information on the process and the likely returns for Landowners.

3rd Party Development

There are a few developers looking for sites to erect single medium scale turbines and pay the Landowner a rental return each year.  Typically the rent is based on a fixed sum with a top-up payment linked to the performance of the turbine which can equate to around 10% of the revenue generated.

We can make a free initial assessment of your site.

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