Wind Farm Management

Pollock Associates offers a management service designed specifically for wind farms and currently looks after hundreds of turbines for dozens of Landowners providing a range of services along the lines detailed below:-

  • Ensure rents are paid correctly and in a timely manner
  • Check the stated output of the wind farm
  • Review the Power Purchase Agreement between the developer and retailer of the electricity
  • Carry out annual inspections of the wind farm to confirm compliance with the tenant’s covenants
  • Provide a commentary on the energy yield and turbine performance when we report on the rents
  • Negotiate for the potential repowering when the current lease ends

Our pro-active management services have improved the Landowners returns from their turbines under the existing arrangements by monitoring the wind farm developer and by securing future rental streams at preferential levels.  Our Wind Farm Management Brochure is available here.  

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